3 ways you can support your partner through their addiction recovery

The stats show that over 23.5 million people are into substance abuse and are battling in
rehabs and through individual counseling to live a better and drug free life? This number
increases with passing years which means that so many people who are married and in
relationships are putting up with chronic addicts. If you are one of them and your spouse is
an addict and both of you have decided to take a step towards recovery then you should be
well prepared for the journey ahead which isn’t always ideal.

Always expect a relapse

You should definitely understand that the road to recovery is an extremely difficult one for
the addict and throughout the time, the addict tends to relapse at least twice. The idea is not
to give up when that happens. You being in your senses and pushing your spouse to seek
individual counseling can make you frustrated looking at the relapses but this should not be
something unexpected. There is a lot of depression and anxiety involved in this for you but
the fruit at the end of the recovery is worth it. To avoid further relapses if you are Muslim
then try alternative therapies like Muslim counseling, yoga exercises, breathing exercises
and meditation.

Build tolerance and don’t take anything personally

Dealing with an addict spouse can mean arguments, physical abuse, sexual abuse and a
dead relationship. This kind of behavior is common among addicts during substance abuse.
But you should look at the silver lining. As your partner progresses towards recovery you will
begin to see a drastic change in their personality. During all the fights and arguments you
should always think that this is an addict talking not the person you fell in love with. Drugs
can cause serious damage to your brain which then results in unexpected behavior.

Don’t forget to focus on yourself

You are the one who requires the most strength and the most motivation because you need
to bring your spouse out of that zone towards the road to recovery from substance abuse.
Do not forget to spend some time on yourself and seek help through individual counseling or
even marriage counseling can help in such cases because you definitely need reasons to
stay and help save a life. Always know that a little contribution in such cases can go a long